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DCEU: Nicole Kidman Explains Why She Decided To Play Aquaman’s Mother

A few months ago we first heard that Nicole Kidman was in talks with Warner Bros. to play Aquaman’s mother aka. Queen Atlanna in the upcoming DC Comics movie, but now it seems the actress has taken the part. 

Kidman will return to DC Comics having previously appeared in Batman Forevor and in an interview with Entertainment Weekly the actress explained why she wanted the role. 

“The reason why I love [Aquaman] is James Wan is an Australian, and I’ve followed his career since he started. He’s a really good friend of mine, and he offered to let me play Queen Atlanna,” Kidman said. “As soon as he said I could wear mother-of-pearl and be a mermaid warrior, I said I’m done. Please. If there is one thing I have to do in my life, I have to be that. [Laughs] Because, you’ve got to have some fun.”

Aquaman will begin shooting in the next month or so, and is scheduled for release on December 21, 2017! 

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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