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Rumour: David Goyer To Direct ‘Green Lantern Corps’ Movie? 

Man of Steel writer David Goyer might step into the directors chair for Green Lantern Corps!

A few months ago we learned that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes were writing the script for Green Lantern Corps. Goyer is also set to produce the DC Comics movie but if recent rumours are to be believed he might also step into the directors chair. 

Goyer is extremely involved in the DC Extended Universe having wrote the script for Man of Steel and worked on Batman v Superman

According to reporter Jeff Sneider, David Goyer might be ready to go all in on this superhero universe and direct an upcoming movie. According to Sneider, Goyer feels like he’s the best guy for the job because he wrote the script and understands the story and characters. 

This is still very much a rumour and should be taken with a massive tamarin of salt. The Green Lantern Corps isn’t scheduled to release until 2020 and unless that release date moves forward we won’t get any official announcements for a while. 

Do you want David Goyer to direct Green Lantern Corps? Let me know in the comments! 


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