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Laurence Fishburne Will Not Return In ‘Justice League’ – Defends ‘Batman v Superman’

Man of Steel and Batman v Superman actor Laurence Fishburne has revealed that he will not return as Perry White in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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Fishburne sat down with The LA Times to discuss John Wick 2 and explained that scheduling issues prevented him from returning in Justice League.

“They asked me to come for a day, but I couldn’t work it out, schedule-wise, and really, what do you need the newspaperman in Justice League for? You want to see the Flash. You want to see Aquaman. You want to see Wonder Woman. You want to see the Lantern.”

Fishburne then went on to discuss his love of comic books, and the frustration of watching Marvel beat DC Comics to a larger cinematic universe.

“We’ve been waiting 35 years for these [characters] to show up on the screen. What were they doing over there? Marvel has been kicking their ass. This is the comic-book geek in me, who has a collection of comic books. I’ve been waiting to see these people on-screen forever.”

Fishburne also discussed the backlash Batman v Superman received and like a lot of fans, didn’t understand why the film was hit with so much hate.

“Look, I love what Zack Snyder does. Jesse Eisenberg, this little nebbishy guy, as Lex Luthor? For me, that’s a genius move. And the whole thing with Martha Kent and Martha Wayne? I don’t know, man, I must be sentimental but that’s some heartwarming [stuff] to me. So I don’t get it.”

Source: The LA Times


Between daydreams of being The Flash, Kieran manages to find the time to read comics, watch movies and keep up with the latest TV Series. The ultimate Superman fanboy his specific interests include the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe, and Marvel & DC Comics. Kieran's life goal is to test real-life Iron Man armor. He'd be pretty bummed if he never got to travel the galaxy.

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